Frocket Zine is a bi-product of the QUT magazine frock paper scissors. A Zine was developed in an attempt to create something more exciting and to step away from traditional fashion ideals.

As a unit in my fourth year I was given the role of layout editor for Frocket Zine. In the beginning this consisted of liaising with my peers in order to understand what they wanted each of their articles to present like, and what themes they were intending to manifest. 

In the last stages of my role I assembled all articles and proofed the designs that were not managed by me. I oversaw a team of creatives who helped assemble the Zine and manage the production of the final product. Before going to print I designed a logo and front cover. The Zine was developed in Adobe InDesign, while some graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator. 

  • Creating content for the magazine
  • Taking completed articles and putting them into the layout
  • Managing the layout team as head layout editor
  • Finalising all mock-up and checking through all pages of the document
  • Designing the cover, spine and making sure it goes to print in an efficient and timely manner
  • Working independently and as the head of the team