Imaginarium was the name of QUT’s 2019 IVD graduation show. Branding was based on the idea of play and a Willy Wonka style imaginarium with a beautifully whimsical focus on designing with shapes.  

A part of my degree, I worked on the committee team for the show, focusing on the social media platforms. This is included developing, setting up and managing the Instagram and Facebook, designing and creating all content for the platforms and contributing to the websites style and images. 

I chose to film and edit individual designer profiles to add to the content for the pages. The static content developed for the page consisted of quotes, countdowns, images and sponsored posts – all styled and created to exist within our branding. 

  • Creating and developing content for social media platforms and website
  • Coordinating photoshoots and video shoots
  • Working with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Working under pressure with deadlines
  • Working independently and apart of a team