The Big Sis Movement is a podcast and media based company. Karen, the founder, is a trained media professional with over 20 years experience. She created the brand and the podcast as a way to educate and empower women. 

I came on as a freelance designer and social media expert in early 2018. To begin with I designed The Big Sis logo and all her branding, creating a style guide for the brand so each piece of content would intersect. 

I updated and designed the website twice, the second time starting from scratch in order to develop the branding further than what it had ever been. As a designer I helped with EDM, branding packages, photography, social media content and application, informing Karen on how best to use the platforms and the content that would work best. 

  • Creating and developing content for social media, website and EDM (photo + video manipulation)
  • Development and maintenance of website using WordPress
  • Coordinating and taking photos for branded photoshoots
  • Working with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Working independently and under direction